Why use Retrospect?

Post date: Aug 9, 2011 5:57:01 PM

Why use Retrospect?

We use and recommend the Desktop Edition of Retrospect for Macintosh because it is unparalleled in both features and functions. Retrospect can:

    • duplicate any drive or volume;

    • perform incremental, scheduled, selective, or scripted backups;

    • create Backup Sets;

    • backup to any media (e.g. archive completed projects to CD or DVD);

    • backup to server volumes;

and much more. For many, incremental backups, Backup Sets, and the ability to archive to any media are worth the difference and the price for Retrospect when compared to other solutions.

The Desktop Edition also includes clients, enabling you to backup up as many as three computers using a single license over your local network. Additional client licenses can be purchased. Clients are included for Mac, Windows®, and Linux: if you have a heterogeneous environment at home or in a small office, you can backup more than just your Mac with Retrospect.

Retrospect's Immediate functions — including Backup, Duplicate, and Restore — are easy to use. Retrospect also includes an excellent, detailed manual and extensive Help for all its advanced features.

When considering Backup and Recovery solution, you need to consider not just Backup but Recovery. Some solutions make it easy to Backup, but give little thought to a Recovery operation. We believe Retrospect has this covered better than any solution available by providing a broad spectrum of recovery options. After all, the reason you implement a Backup and Recovery solution is for a comprehensive Backup and a painless, complete Recovery should disaster strike. Before you select a solution, look deeply into the Recovery side of things.

A free trial of Retrospect is available. Some FireWire and USB hard drive manufacturers include Retrospect Express, aka OEM Express, as bundled software. The difference between Retrospect and Retrospect Express is that the latter lacks the following three features of the former: two network clients licenses; support for backup to tape drives; and the ability to create custom Selectors. An inexpensive option is available to upgrade Retrospect Express to Retrospect.

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