Retrospect Cloud Backup - A Strong Development by R&D Team

Post date: Mar 3, 2016 5:12:32 AM

Strengthen your backup plan with secure offsite cloud storage!

Retrospect v11 for Windows and v13 for Mac now support integrated cloud backup to Amazon AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, DreamHost, and other certified cloud storage providers.

Retrospect’s cloud backup puts you in control, because you own the certified cloud account directly. This gives you total flexibility and scalability; you choose the certified cloud provider, decide how much space you need, and manage the backups.

Check out a full list of Certified Compatible Cloud Storage Providers

What do our customers say about the new release?

"The addition of public and private cloud backup to Retrospect is great news for companies that want the ability to back up to a medium that is on site as well as having the safety net of data being stored off site."

- Owen Williams, IT Collective

"Retrospect's new faster grooming is a welcome enhancement giving us more flexibility for our clients' backup strategies."

- Ernst Mulder, GrafiSIS & AdvieSIS BV

Download a partner sales kit with everything you need to sell the new versions. Here’s what’s included:

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Quick Sales Guide - your fast reference for selling retrospect. This document includes top-level features, licensing, and product information.

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Learn about the new versions of Retrospect Get the inside scoop on all of the new features, how they work, and how they will benefit your customers.

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Also included in the new versions of Retrospect:

Faster grooming

Grooming ensures your data is protected with a long-term retention policy that fits within your storage, and now it's built for speed. Reduce the wait for storage savings with performance-optimized grooming (5x faster), or reclaim as much space as possible with storage-optimized grooming.

Exchange 2016 Database Protection

Retrospect v11 for Windows is certified to protect Microsoft Exchange 2016 with database backups.

Faster Catalog Rebuild

Retrospect v11 for Windows and Retrospect v13 for Mac offer a significantly faster rebuild process of up to 3x than previous Retrospect versions.

Backup and Restore Performance Improvements

Shorten your backup and restore windows with 20% performance improvements in Retrospect v11 for Windows and Retrospect v13 for Mac.

How to upgrade your customers

Upgrading existing products is easy- simply visit and follow the instructions to upgrade products.

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