KCIS INDIA's FusionStor Launch in Delhi was a Successful Event

Post date: Mar 24, 2013 6:51:04 PM

KCIS INDIA has organized FusionStor Launch on 20th march 2013 in Delhi and achieved presence of 75+ Participants from System Integrators(40+SI's) including 3 T1 Partners and 50% T2 and rest T3 partners.

Amod Pahdke CEO Fusionstor Started the Presentation and covered Storage and Servers Range and after that Mr. Prashant from Intel also shared about Relationship with FusionStor.

FusionStor has Unified Storage range in Both Tower as well as rack models and also having 36 bays in a single NAS which is an unique offering in Storage Industry because other competitors have only max 24 bays in Unified Storage. Amod also shared that Fusionstor have Quad Servers in a single server and 9 server nodes in a Single server which is again a unique offering. Such feature only made possible for Fusionstor to win against HP , IBM and Dell in various Blade Server Tenders.

In the end Chanchal Deshwal CEO of KCIS INDIA shared his experience in industry and alliances along with Fusionstor and also Shared Channel Strategies of KCIS INDIA. KCIS INDIA has achieved 12 distribution Alliances in a Small Span of Time of 3 years. KCIS INDIA already have 4 Engineers trained on FusionStor Storage Range and Server Range. KCIS INDIA also keeping RMA stock in Delhi for Local support.

Chanchal Deshwal has also given Thanks to all Channel Partners for keeping trust on KCIS INDIA and joining in FusionStor Launch.