DROBO 5N stock available in India now!!!

Post date: Feb 5, 2013 9:30:34 AM

We are having 5N also in Stock with us now, After 5N we have all three new models in Stock (Drobo Mini, Drobo 5D and Drobo 5N). As committed by DROBO they are delivering Performance along with Reliability. Only storage in industry which is coming with having mSATA card slot for utilizing Thunderbolt Performance on SATA drives and also supports SSD to give actual benefit of thunderbolt technology.

5N is 5 times fast than FS with introduction of mSATA slot in 5N and also SSD allowed in 5N.

Drobo mini is just small in Size but having same features and perfromance like 5D. Drobo storage array are better than Promise storage solutions because of its beyond RAID technology, So don't take any more tensions for Data storage back up as this is 100% secure storage.

Drobo backup solution also available separately for Windows clients with the name of PC backup and this has CDP feature as well for better protection. Drobo network storage offering now have 3 models now DROBO FS and DROBO B800FS which supports SATA and DROBO 5N which supports both SATA and SSD along with 1 slot for mSATA ssd card.

for more details on Products visit www.drobo.com

Chanchal Deshwal