Quick guide: Data Safety offerings for your Business

Post date: Feb 1, 2018 5:59:00 PM

Data is very critical and its safety is prime responsibility of IT managers– understanding and identifying the right products and vendors in the market depends on following points.

· Number of Satisfied Customer

· Ease of implementation and management

· Post-Sales support and ease of troubleshooting

· Most Importantly Value for Money

# First understand the threat

· Laptop lost in Flight or Train

· Laptop or System Crashed due to any of the Technical Problem

· Employee deleted data unintentionally

· Employee deleted data while leaving your organisation

· Ransomware attack on Machines

# What is Ultimate Solution

· Keep second copy of Data

· Keep it in a RAID Storage so that its remain safe in case of Disk failure or any other Fault in storage

· Pick data from machines using Automated backup Software which give huge number of data safety features like keeps data in encrypted form, Supports Deduplication, Compression, Bare metal Recovery, Dissimilar Hardware recovery and much more.

· If data is too much critical keep third copy in another RAID Storage using DR/offsite backup or take second copy in TAPE drive.

So actually, you need two Components: One RAID Storage and one Backup Software+ additional RAID Storage or TAPE in case you need one more level of Data Safety.

# What majorly Organizations are using

More than 5000 customers are using DROBO and Retrospect Combo along with LTO’s in INDIA which proves that Organisation are satisfied with this combo and even failure rate is very low for Drobo which makes it most stable combo for Data Safety.

Drobo Storage starting from 4 bay DAS, 5 Bay DAS, 5 bay NAS-8 bay NAS to 12 Bay SAN Storage boxes

# awarded as Storage choice award and also title of Most Robust Storage for SMB’s.

Drobo has propriety RAID technology called as beyond RAID which give lots of positive edge on Traditional RAID. It’s not only giving more safety but also giving extra space in case of odd capacity Drives, every drive is virtual hot-spare, allowed reordering of Drives sequence and many more.

# BOQ option 1 for SMB customers ( Prices are applicable obly in FEB 2018)

Note: GST Extra @18%

I have configured NAS with 8TB which can be scaled upto 50Tb as this NAS supports 10TB drive in each bay.

Total Clients added in above BOQ are 15, Backup Clients are quoted such a way that you can reduce qty to 1 for 5 user and increase this upto qty 7 for 35 users solutions.

# BOQ option 2 for Mid Enterprises ( Prices are applicable obly in FEB 2018)

Note: GST Extra @18%

I have configured Business NAS (Supports concurrent 150 users) with 32TB which can be scaled upto 80Tb as this NAS supports 10TB drive in each bay. This also support offsite Backup.

This Software Needs Host Server with Server OS, recommended for 150 users Backup but can go upto 250-300 Users with Better server config.

Backup BOQ will changes depending upon Number of Servers and Database etc

We have Support for MS exchange, MS SQL, upto 25 server on Single HOST Machine.

Retrospect Virtual Support all Databases and VMware, HyperV and gives Business Continuity as well.

Note: We have multiple options for storage which includes Unified Storage with Single Controller and Dual Controller, SAN Storage and Storage server etc.

#Test and Trial the Solutions of Most Interest

· Before you ask a vendor to give you a demonstration of their product, provide them with information about your business such as what is driving your need for a new IT solution and the current issues, bottlenecks and risks you need to manage.

· Don't just give vendors a block of time to "present the solution". Brief them on exactly what you and your team want to hear about and see

· At the most basic level you need to see the product in action. This usually means a demonstration by the vendor. Ideally this should involve you having the opportunity to use and test the solution/product yourself.

· In some instances, vendors offer potential customers a free, no obligation trial of their product. This is typically advertised on a vendor's website, but where it is not, this request should still be made directly to the vendor.

· Provide the vendor with scenarios relevant to your business in advance and ask them to demonstrate how their solution will manage these scenarios in your business.

· Make sure you ask vendors about what's involved in configuring the solution to deliver the scenario. This will provide insight into what components of the solution you need and the level of effort required to make their system work for you.

#Request Reference Sites and Referees from the Vendor

Before you make your final decision, it is advisable to ask vendors for reference sites where they have implemented a similar solution for a customer. Ideally this is a business that is in the same broader industry, is similar to yours or has experienced similar issues. When following up reference sites it is useful to check their experience with (i) the product, and (ii) the vendor.

Data safety is very critical now a day and you should not ignore this further.