Propalms TSE 6.5- supports Androids smart phones as well

Post date: Feb 2, 2012 6:53:00 AM

Propalms Ltd is pleased to announce that the company has released a new version of its Propalms TSE software, version 6.5. The new version of TSE will be available on the company’s website today. It will enable Propalms customers to take advantage of all of the latest RDP enhancements, which will provide an even better TSE experience. The latest version of TSE will also enable Propalms to gain new customers around the world who have already deployed Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 but require more management and control of their environment. As a Microsoft Gold Partner it is the company’s aim to continue to develop products in line with Microsoft’s latest operating systems.

Propalms newest TSE version includes significant updates to its Load Balancing scheme, making it even more effective at managing server resources. TSE redundancy and failover of key roles has been enhanced meaning a TSE deployment can be made 100% fault tolerant and offer complete redundancy out of the box. Print Management on Remote Desktop Services is now even easier with TSE’s HyperPrint technology and new feature support. Browser less application access and new TSE client versions ensure users can get access to the applications they need. A new User Interface plus numerous admin enhancements makes TSE 6.5 the easiest version to administer and use yet.

“This latest version of Propalms TSE is our most beneficial to all consumers of IT, whether it is the IT decision makers, IT admins or the end users themselves. Everyone will benefit from introducing TSE to their IT environment,” stated Owen Dukes, CEO Propalms Ltd.