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GTB Technologies has re-invented the enterprise data loss prevention and eDiscovery marketplace; bringing a broad set of influential innovations to the market.

Our products provide unprecedented, real-time visibility and accurate control of content thus allowing organizations of all sizes to easily and cost effectively prevent leaks, discover data, enforce policies and compliance while protecting their brand and reputation.

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Content-Aware IRM Network DLP - Data in Motion


Network DLP - InspectorTM, the "Reverse Content-Aware Firewall" TM

Scans all outbound transmissions on any protocol and detects secure content with nearly 100% accuracy. Able to encrypt, quarantine, log and even block to prevent data extrusion or leakage.

Endpoint DLP - GTB Endpoint Protector

Content-aware device control that recognizes and optionally blocks output of secure content to removable media. Automatically encrypts and shadows. Supports online and offline policies.

eDiscovery - GTB eDiscovery

Discovers data anywhere on the enterprise network and performs data classification for secure content. Accurately monitor and report violations any time a file is saved and/or blocked from saving.

Inspector Cloud - Data Loss Prevention in the Cloud

OEM - GTB SDK - Enabling Content Aware Security Applications

Software Development Kit allows OEMs to integrate sophisticated content inspection engines into their products. Thus allowing Real-Time Extrusion Prevention / Data Loss Prevention on all ports/protocols with virtually 100% accuracy. Provided without the use or expense of 3rd party 'file cracking' tools.

Policy Based Email Encryption- Content Aware Email Encryption

Once an email is found to contain sensitive content, it is instantly encrypted and delivered to the recipient using Email Encryption Services. Simplifies the overall solution, lowers the cost, and eliminates the complexity of secure email delivery.

“Due to the combination of a deep understanding of the security needs for the financial market, sole discipline in Data Loss Prevention (DLP /ILP) technology and solving the market limitation of high false positive rates, Frost & Sullivan believes that GTB is on track to becoming the dominant provider of Data Loss Prevention (DLP/ILP) solutions.”

Frost & Sullivan

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