Softwares & Services

KCIS INDIA was started in 2009 with a team of Technical persons of 20+ Years of experience in IT System Integration and Channel Industry. Today, we are a leader in consulting, technology and distribution. Many of the most successful organizations rely on KCIS INDIA to deliver measurable business value. KCIS INDIA provides business consulting, technology, engineering and outsourcing services to help clients across INDIA

KCIS INDIA helps companies derive the measurable business value that they have always been looking for from business and IT investments.

Software as a Service:

KCIS INDIA Started Software as a Service in mid of 2012 as a Brand Name "i2 InfoSystems" and crated success stories to add here.we believe in transforming the fundamental shape of your business. we have a best-practice process for delivering value. Beyond transformation and innovation, it boils down to execution - delivering on time, on budget and "on value". We can optimize your core operations to drive best-in-class efficiency and help fund the transformation and innovation.

Team is having 2 project Managers each with 6-7 years of Experience in Software Development

Our Projects: