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Propalms TSE 6.0 Access made Easy

posted Aug 1, 2011, 5:16 AM by Chanchal Deshwal
The Simple Solution for Terminal Services and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures

EASY TO MANAGE -  Manage all your applications from ONE simple web Management Console
SECURE TO ACCESS - Secure access to applications and data even remotely via SSL gateway
SIMPLE TO USE - Easy, Intuitive access to applications anytime, anywhere
Access made easy...
“Our Citrix network was proving to be too costly. We were introduced to TSE and it turned out to be a fantastic alternative for us. Feature rich and easy to use.” Wayne Harris, Baycrest Hospital


Server Management
• Resource based application/server level load balancing
• One-click scalability of Propalms TSE components to servers, ‘on the fly’
• Role based architecture offering built-in redundancy
• Server diagnostics and health monitoring Application Management
• One-click application publishing to Users, Groups or OUs
• Dynamic shortcuts delivered to start Menu, desktop or web based Application LaunchPad
• Intelligent file association
• Content publishing
• Content redirection
• Virtual IP
• Disable application access
• Application license control

Virtual Desktop Management

• Publish access to virtual desktops running Windows XP or Vista
• Start virtual desktop on least loaded virtual desktop server
• Assign users their own personal virtual desktop Security
• Easy firewall traversal via a single port relay server
• Location based security policies
• Server Lock-down to prevent unauthorized sessions
• Web based password management

End-User Experience

• True Seamless Window support
• User Environment Management
• Web based Application LaunchPad
• Full client/network printing support
• Active Session Control

System Administration

• Single, Web Based Management Console to centrally manage Servers, Applications and Users
• One-click load balancing of applications
• Graphical Dashboard offering real-time monitoring and management of your environment
• TSE Connection Policies
• Track, Monitor and Manage user sessions including functions such as resetting or shadowing a session
• Delegated Administration

Monitoring and Reporting

• Metering and Reporting of application usage by user, client and server
• Monitor Peak usage of applications and servers
• Downloadable reports
• Auditing of system events and changes for change control and root cause analysis
• TSE Session Recorder

Print Management

• Built-in PDF print driver
• Print Management for installing and managing print drivers across all servers
• Policy based proximity printing
• Print optimization for bandwidth and compression control Windows 2008
• TSE 6.0 fully supports Windows Server 2008
• Support for all latest Terminal Services enhancements
• TSE Intelligent Connection Manager provides the features a user requires without Windows Vista client requirements Backwards Compatibility
• TSE 6.0 can manage Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008
• Run ‘mixed’ teams and ease transition over to Windows Server 2008
TSE Dashboard – Graphical Monitoring and Management of your TSE environment

Overall rating