Desktop Virtualization


Location independence - the user can access the desired service from anywhere in the world, using any device with any (supported) system
Cost-effectiveness - ROI comes after 2 years and thus still cost effetive incompariosion for Desktops, moreover the infrastructure can be physically located in areas with low costs (electricity etc.); on the other hand it is necessary to realize that using the Desktop Virtualization or Shared Computing technology may cause relevant increasing of network traffic

Performance -
is monitored and consistent, but can be affected by insufficient bandwidth or high network load

Reliability - is enhanced by way of multiple redundant sites, but outages always happen, and affected users are then not able to do much about it ...

Scalability - the concept quickly meets changing user demands as the users can always make use of exactly what they need at the moment,which also can help to lower the costs

Security - there is a low risk of data loss thanks to centralization, but problems with control over sensitive data need to be solved, Today we have all required security features in Thin Clients like Wyse...

Readily consumable - the user usually does not need to do much deployment or customization, as the provided services are easy to adopt and ready-to-use; on the other hand, the user also does not have much control over the application's behavior and its changes (as the provider is the owner and manager of the code)

KCIS INDIA offers different Kind of Desktop Virtualization Solutions like...!

Ncomputing - Shared Computing is one of the Best Solution starting from SOHO(want to use existing PC resources) to Enterprises need Server Based Solution(100 users on a Single Server OS)

Wyse - we offer Thin Client Solution Majorly around Wyse, as we found Wyse as best Product on All kind of terminal Services and Virtualization Softwares like...Microsoft RDP, Thin Term, Propalms, Citrix, VMware and many others including Microsoft MPS.

KCIS INDIA also offers solution like Samsung and Fujitsu as per Customer requirements...