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PROMISE Technology, Inc. is a leading supplier of sophisticated RAID storage solutions catering to customers from the enterprise to SMB, as well as SOHO and digital home applications. PROMISE’s award-winning products help solve the business challenges for a new generation of data-intensive business imperatives through a combination of advanced engineering, technical development and industry-leading OEM relationships.

Before PROMISE was founded, RAID systems were expensive SCSI storage systems, used exclusively by enterprise sized businesses. The catalyst of the PROMISE vision was the recognition that by combining improved technology with low-cost SAS/ SATA components, a RAID market transformation was possible; reducing system costs and opening the market to a whole new segment of users. PROMISE is a recognized global leader in the storage industry and the leading innovator in RAID technology. We are the preferred storage solution provider for top brand companies to sell our technology and products through their vertical markets and channels . We are the innovators that brought RAID quality data storage solutions to different kinds of applications, such as data centers, surveillance systems and professional A/V editing. It is our focus on opening up new data storage markets, redefining storage possibilities and seeking opportunities for integrated development that has kept us at the forefront of our industry and led us to forming strategic alliances with leading storage related companies worldwide.
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