Why Partner with Retrospect?

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We are experts at what we do - building backup and recovery software. But you are the experts at selling, installing, and maintaining software. Together, we can help each other grow; us by offering you training, tools and support to help you succeed, and you by representing and leveraging Retrospect products.

The Retrospect Partner Program offers you benefits in the areas of support, marketing, business development, and competency.

Higher margins

Higher margins — Retrospect already offers high margins, and by joining the Retrospect Partner program you can take advantage of additional rebates that allow you to add to your margin, or pass the savings along to your customers.

Deeper support

Deeper support — Whether it is pre-sale, post-sale or technical support, we ensure that you get help when you need it. You will have access to the expertise you need to assist you in closing more sales or to help quickly resolve technical issues.

Better training

Better training — Sales and Technical Trainings provide your staff with the knowledge needed to be successful, while allowing them to ramp up at their own pace.

Powerful tools

Powerful tools — Sales and marketing tools help your team to recognize customer opportunities and position product solutions effectively.

Trial versions

Trial versions — Not for Resale (NFR) software help you and your customers to learn the power of Retrospect products.


Pre-sales SupportTech SupportLead PassNFRSales and Marketing ToolsWeb ListingLogo UsageRebatesDeal Registration
Elite PartnerYesEurope and US Business hoursPriority lead pass2 copies, plus one additional copy for every trained team memberYesYesCertifiedTiered rebates of up to 5%5% additional rebate for deals above $2500
Associate PartnerYesBusiness hoursNo1 copyYesYesYes0%3% additional rebate for deals above $2500


B2B SMB SalesCertification TrainingMarketing ActivitiesPlacement on Reseller site
Elite Partner$12,000 in annual Retrospect product sales2 sales and 2 tech team members trainedEvery three monthsRequired
Associate Partner01 sales and 1 tech team members trainedEvery six monthsNot required