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Retrospect is one of the best Backup and System Recovery Software company worldwide presence around for 25 years, protecting millions of computers worldwide and Designed for SMB With enterprise-level features.


Retrospect 10 for Mac

Retrospect Multi Server Edition runs on current Macintosh operating systems, and provides licenses to protect an unlimited number of networked servers. In addition, Multi Server protects unlimited Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and Solaris desktops and notebooks. An optional add-on enables the backup and restore of open files on Windows desktops and laptops.

Retrospect Overview

Retrospect is Easy and Automatic Retrospect is Powerful and Flexible Retrospect is Reliable and Secure
  • Auto-detects new, or previously off-line computers and prioritizes their backup
  • Saves time and drive space with incremental backups and file-level deduplication
  • Maximizes disk space by automatically grooming outdated files from the backup disk
  • Offers added protection from viruses and corruption with “Live Restores,” which quickly returns a running computer to a previous state
  • Works flawlessly in a mixed Windows/Mac environment without adding cost
  • Supports multiple backup media types including disk, NAS, WebDAV cloud storage, tape drives, libraries, and flash
  • Performs versatile backups and restores with up to 16 simultaneous executable operations
  • Delivers perfect point-in-time restores every time, from individual files to entire volumes
  • Protects backups and ensures secure data transmission with multiple levels of U.S. Government-certified encryption
  • Verifies that data is fully backed up and fully restorable
  • Maintains multiple, independent Media Sets for added reliability
  • Retrospect delivers proven restore reliability, with more than two decades of data protection expertise

Retrospect 8 for Windows

Retrospect backup and recovery software safeguards millions of servers, 24x7 applications, desktop and notebook computers worldwide from data loss due to user error, computer failure or site-wide disasters such as fire, theft or flood, and consistently earns broad industry acclaim for its unique patented technology.

Windows 8 ready
Completely protects your Microsoft Windows 7 computers!
VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) integration
Enables off-host backups for running VMs
Disaster Recovery
Boot CD provides quick bare metal recovery of Windows servers and PCs
64-bit Support
Retrospect protects volumes with many files

  New Technologies in Retrospect 8

Separate management console and engine components
The Retrospect engine, which performs all backup and restore operations, starts automatically at system boot and runs in the background as a root UNIX process. A computer running the Retrospect engine is referred to as a Retrospect server.
The Retrospect application (referred to as the Retrospect console), which runs in the user space, provides management and monitoring of the Retrospect engine.
“Headless” backups
The Retrospect console app doesn’t need to be running for backups to occur.
Management of multiple Retrospect servers
The Retrospect console need not be installed on the same computer as the engine, and each console can connect to and manage multiple Retrospect engines.
Multiple, simultaneous backup, copy, utility, and restore activities
Each backup activity requires a unique destination
Restores can be performed from Media Sets that are in-use for backups
For activities to run in succession, assign them to the same activity thread.