Realtime Biometrics

The concentration of biometrics and identity-management Solutions within Asia is unequalled in the world. Together, companies, government agencies, research universities and technology business services form a comprehensive source of information and provide resources that enable your business to exceed its goals.

Realtime is a leading provider of fingerprint core technology, its research and development has always been the key component of Biometrical strategy, and the company’s current successful operation is undoubtedly rooted in firm reliance on its own knowledge base and skills that were built through systematic R&D programs, is a technology-based security system specialist that designs, develops, integrates and distributes innovative and technologically advanced security system software and products.

Offering a higher level of convenience and security than other access control systems, our Realtime Series has become the most popular access control system and Time Attendance system for national organizations and private companies. Realtime As a security system specialist is committed to providing our customers with a convenient, comfortable, secured, yet economical, peaceful living and working environment by adopting our high quality and user-friendly security system solutions that are based on proven technologies, reliable products and unsurpassed value-added services.

Realtime has all along been endeavoring to develop new products by capitalizing on its knowledge and experience in intelligent building system, network system, property management system, technical consulting and technical support.