With our brand, DIGISOL, we have set new benchmarks within the Converged Communication solutions. Our legacy of developing conscientious products further bestows the coveted competitive edge. Having discerned the precise requirements of our customers, we have developed and are in the process of developing a wide-ranging product portfolio under the DIGISOL brand that encompasses:

DIGISOL – The Converged Communications Solutions

    ·    Broadband Routing
    ·    Wireless LAN
    ·    Converged Communication
    ·    IP Surveillance
    ·    VoIP

DIGILITE – Motherboards and more…

As an Indian company for more than 3 decades of experience in manufacturing motherboards right from the days of 8086/80286, the company has introduced a new brand for motherboards under DIGILITE. The Company has a significant competitive edge with its cost effective manufacturing, its brand building expertise and strong distribution. DIGILITE is one of the fastest selling motherboard brands in India.

DIGILITE offers strong & localized supply chain of component products to ensure just in time for customers, dedicated tech support at BIOS & design level, follows robust INTEL & AMD roadmaps with latest products available across point of sale.