Touch Screens
We offer three type of Touch screens : Wire Resistive, Infrared and Surface acoustic wave Touch Screens.
size: 17", 18.5", 20" , 29" and 32'
Multi Display: 
Multi Display technology is to use open multiple applications from Single PC/Notebook on different Screen, solution include adapters for Laptops , PCs and on Network.
Digital Signage 

Information related to your Business or interest will be displayed on LCD Monitor at Various location across the location & can be Updated according to your requirement.

 DROBO Storage
We are distributing DROBO Storage range in India, Product includes-
DAS Storage (Drobo, DROBO S, DROBO PRO), NAS storage (DROBO FS & B800FS)  and SAN Storage (B800i and B1200i).

 Machsdata Storage

Machsdata have highend Enterprise Storage, Unified ISCSI NAS/SAN with dual controllers and 1200MBps throughput on 10G in RM70 , RM 120 and RM240 storage Solutions 
 Sonnet Storage
Sonnet having FC , SAS, E-SATA and Thunderbolt Storage Offerings and also various Connectivity Cards.Sonnet Video Editing Storage won various awards in Industry.

 Wyse Thin Clients
Wyse is worlds Number 1 Company in Thin Clients having clients for all kind of desktop Virtualization software vendors, wyse also have Thin Client Notebooks for mobile users and Higher Management.Wyse Zero client P20 is worlds best Zero client.
 NComputing Access Devices
NComputing have three types of Access devices for Desktop Sharing; Lan based(L130, L230,L300) PCI Card based(X350 , X550) and USB based (U170), Best  features and Best fit for SMB, Enterprise and Education.
 Roxio Retrospect

Retrospect (Earlier know as EMC Product) having OS for Windows and Mac machines and supports all kind of client OS including Solaris and Linux.
Bare Matel Recovery comes free with Retrospect and best in its class.
 Crash Plan Pro
CrashPlan Pro is best Client Backup CDP software offering include Backup on Local, Remote , Cloud etc. Gives highest level of encryption in industry for a client backup solution. Follows Server Client architecture with Full Control and Monitoring from central admin location.

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